Do Your ACTIONS Give You SatisfACTION?

Think back to what you did yesterday. How much of what you did, the actions you took were what you really wanted to do?

If we are lucky then a large proportion of what we did were what we truly wanted to do. But for many people the actions that they take on a hourly, daily, weekly basis are actions that they take either to get through another day or to please somebody else. The danger is that if we spend too much time on these actions and forget what we want out of life then we lose the satisfaction that we should get from really living each day.

On the Life Goals workshops that I run I always start each workshop by asking people to focus on what they really, truly want in life. Their life purpose. We all know what our life purpose is, our reason for being on this earth, but as we get older we forget or it gets lost under the weight of other responsibilities. Our day to day actions are focused on earning enough money to pay the mortgage or the rent, hitting the firm’s targets, filling the fridge, helping somebody else. As we spend all our time on the actions that we need to do we don’t think about the actions that we want to do, or if we do think about them they become a dream for another life, or for when we have more time and less responsibilities in this one.

We all have responsibilities in life, but our responsibilities shouldn’t drive all of our actions. We should spend time each day in actions that are important to us, that bring us real satisfaction. Gradually as we refocus on our life goals and start to take actions that move us towards our goals we find that we start to bring more balance in to our life. Rather than living each day letting our responsibilities drive our actions, our responsibilities and our actions become aligned. And we have started on our journey to true satisfaction in this life.