Feng Shui And The Colour Pink

In this week’s instalment of my weekly Feng Shui blog ‘the use of colour in Feng Shui’ I turn my attention to what many people feel is a popular colour, pink. Pink represents earth energy, the transition between cool dark yin and strong, bright yang and its many shades can be used to bring balance and harmony to any home. Here I share five tips demonstrating how you can use the colour pink to attract what you most desire to your life.

As an earth colour, the strongest place to use pink is in the southwest area, which supports love and relationships. If you would like support in this area of your life add shades of pink to any rooms that cover the south west sector of your home, or alternatively the south west corners of any rooms. You can also use the more vibrant shades of pink in those areas that are in the south sector of your home and which covers your self-confidence and self-esteem. Try and avoid using a lot of pink in the north sector as this is supported by water in the cycle of elements which can have a draining effect on the energy in your career.

Pink is a colour that can be combined with many other colours to add balance. In Feng Shui five elements it is an earth colour, supporting the transition between yin and yang. In the south of your home, it can be combined with fiery orange to bring vibrancy to your life, in the north east of your home it can be combined with green to help awaken your spiritual awareness.

Pink is the colour of love which makes it perfect for the bedroom. Pink perfectly balances yin and yang energy and is therefore a much better colour to use in the bedroom than red. Mix different shades of pink on walls, furnishings and bedlinen to ensure balance. The one exception to this is if your bedroom covers the north sector of your home when it is best to only use pink as an accent colour.

Because of its versatility as a colour, even if you do not like the colour pink, you can add small pink objects to almost any colour scheme and they will not look out of place. If you are looking for love, but do not want to decorate a room in pink, or use soft furnishings in pink, you can still add candles, flowers or rose quartz crystals. Remember as a Feng Shui love enhancement, objects should always be placed in pairs.

I know a lot of people for who the colour pink is their favourite colour and there can be a temptation to overuse pink in certain areas of your home. Remember in Feng Shui the intention is to create balance and harmony in your home to attract what you want to your life. For this to happen it should always be used in moderation. If we look too hard for something we may never find it. The same is true when we use colours in our home. If we overuse a colour then what we are trying to attract may well allude us. Pink is good to use as a primary colour but should never be used as the only colour in a room.

Mandarin Ducks are the most popular Feng Shui cure for love. When placing them you should always place them as a pair and they should face in the same direction (south west). These beautiful rose quartz mandarin ducks are available to buy here