Feng Shui And The Colour Red

Feng Shui Red

This week I am continuing the colour theme in my blog posts by turning my attention to the colour red. Of all the colours, red is the one that most people think of when they are considering the relationship between different colours and Feng Shui. Red is considered to be a very auspicious and lucky colour, which means of course that when people want to apply Feng Shui principles to their home to attract what they desire to their life, the colour red is where they turn. But red is much more than a lucky colour, just as Feng Shui is so much more than a principle to turn to when trying to attract good fortune. Feng Shui should be applied constantly to ensure the energy that surrounds us flows harmoniously and in balance, and it is when energy works for us that good fortune follows. It is often when we do something without expectation that we are rewarded.

It is true though that red signifies abundance, just not wealth or luck as many people imagine. Abundance means good fortune, happiness, richness both in monetary terms and experience. Red plays an important part in our home, and can attract the Universe’s attention if we use it well. Below are five tips for using red in our home, as well as a common mistake that we should all avoid.

Tips For Using The Colour Red

In our home, red should be used predominantly in the south east or south sectors, the areas of our home that support abundance, fame and self-confidence. It is in these areas that a high yang colour such as red will make us feel positive about ourselves and help us to attract abundance to our lives.

Red should never be used as a primary colour, but always as an accent. This is because it is such a dominant colour that it can disrupt the flow of energy making us feel on edge. Use red as a colour on a feature wall, or on soft furnishings such as curtains, cushions and lamp shades rather than decorating an entire room.

Red is perfect for living areas, dining rooms, home offices, or entrance hallways; providing these rooms are not situated in the sectors of our home that are supported by the element earth. This means that red should not feature at all, or only very sparingly in rooms that are in the north east or south west sector of our home.

Red can represent financial strength and security; so if this is our focus we can bring in an object that is red to the area of our home that is in the south east sector, that which supports wealth and abundance. Alternatively, or additionally, we can place a red object just inside our front door or on our desk if we work from home and it is from here that we make our money. You will notice many businesses have a red object placed prominently in their reception areas.

Red can wake up a neglected area, so if there is an area of our home that is little used, such as a dining room, a hallway, or a space that has become a “junk room” then we should paint a wall in red, or if this is going to cast a jarring note, hang a crystal tied with red ribbon from the ceiling. It is important that positive energy flows through our entire environment, not just the rooms that we use the most.

Finally, red should never be used in the bedroom. I know that this is contrary to many people’s opinions as red is often thought of as the colour of love, but pink is much more appropriate in a bedroom as this strikes a much more harmonious note. Bedrooms are places for us to charge our batteries and refresh ourselves for another day, as well as the place where we make love and so we need to be soothed to sleep with a balance of yang and yin energy. Red is too powerful a colour for a bedroom and can harm that which we are trying to create.