Feng Shui Enhancements – Angel Wings

Symbolism is very important in Feng Shui. When enhancing your home to attract good fortune and abundance to your life, anything can be used as long as it means something to you. When you place an item in your home, whether this is an ornament, a picture, a crystal or something else, if it means something specific to you, if when you look at or hold the item you remember what it is that you want to manifest, then the enhancement is incredibly powerful.


One of the most popular enhancements that I am finding at the moment, certainly if the amount of people that are buying them off me are any indication, are angel wings. Angel Wings are a very versatile enhancement as they symbolise many different things to many different people. Traditionally they are a sign of protection, they can remind us that those who have gone before are still looking over us once they have passed to their new life. But they also symbolise love, friendship, communication, achievement and peace. When we look at a pair of angel wings we feel hope, happiness and faith that what we want to manifest we will.  


Because angel wings are so versatile, we can place them to enhance many areas of our home. If we are using them for protection we should place them at or near our front door to ensure that our home is kept safe, or in our living room to safeguard our family. To attract love, or to remember those who we have loved, they should be placed in the relationship area of our home, or the bedroom. To symbolise communication and friendship then the guest bedroom is ideal, as is the north west sector of our home. And if we want to soar to new heights in our work or personal life then our home office, or the place where we work would be a great place to display angel wings, or alternatively the north or south sectors of our home.


However you want to display angel wings, there are many representations that can be found for you to buy. Wall art, pictures, candleholders, oil burners and ornaments are all very popular, can be inexpensive and look beautiful in the home. I personally have angel wings displayed as wall art on my east facing living room wall, as well as having angel wing candle holders in the bedroom which represents love and also as it covers the south sector of my home supports my self-esteem. It is important to remember when placing angel wings, or any enhancement, that you do so with intention, to state clearly and confidently to the Universe what you want to manifest to your life.