Guidance For The Year Of The Metal Ox 2021

Year of the Metal Ox

February 12th 2021 marks the start of the new Chinese Year. 2021 is the year of the Metal Ox and here I am going to cover what I believe will be some of the themes of the year, as well as consulting the tarot cards to see what guidance the tarot cards offer to make the most of the year ahead.

The Metal Ox is one of the most hard working of all the Chinese zodiac signs, and so we can expect movement this year. The world will move forward and the end of the year will feel very different from the start. It is a year where exploration and advancement are high on the agenda and so we can expect to see significant achievements in new energies, emerging technologies and also space exploration. Covid-19 dominates our daily lives at the moment, but that does not mean that other events will take a back seat. In fact, the speed at which vaccines have been researched and produced highlights how quickly new research can be brought to a conclusion. That learning will be adopted by people in other fields. Against a backdrop of a global pandemic by the end of the year we may well be amazed at what else has been achieved.  

Although we will learn in some aspects of our lives this year, in other areas we may well have not learned from the past. The Metal Ox is a beast in conflict with itself and so we can unfortunately expect a year of conflict and turmoil. The march of nationalism will advance relentlessly, and although as a world the pandemic should have brought us together, we will see nations turn in on themselves. If governments change, structured, traditional parties will take control on tickets of safety and security. Barriers will be placed on borders, doors will be closed, and as threats appear, we will take safety in our own homes and lives. There will be a higher desire to look after ourselves rather than our neighbours. And those who shout for unity and cooperation may well be silenced.

If we turn to the guidance that the tarot gives, we can see that against the backdrop of the Metal Ox, the tarot talks both of conflict and frustration. In the first tarot card drawn, the Seven of Wands, a man is determined to complete the task that he has started. There is a sense though that he may not be happy, he continues to work because he wants to finish. Yet he takes no enjoyment in what he is doing, there will be no sense of achievement in the result.

The second card drawn is the Queen of Swords. The Queen of Swords in the context of this tarot spread is blinkered. She can only see one way forward, the way that she has started. There may be other routes open to her, other ideas that she can explore, but like the man in the tarot card before her, she just wants to get to where she has decided to go. Will she be satisfied when she arrives at her destination? It is doubtful but she cannot be persuaded to change her plans.

The third tarot card drawn is the Five of Wands, which helps us to understand the problems that we will face this year in the year of the Metal Ox. The world has changed, more significantly and more dramatically than at any other time in recent years. And yet we as a world have not changed. We are trying to get back to the world we knew, a world before Covid-19, where we may not necessarily have been happy, but we knew where we were. I am reminded of a time years ago when I lived in France, when on my way to the airport one morning, I unthinkingly pulled off the motorway at the wrong exit. I spent 30 minutes trying to find my way back to the motorway, and nearly missed my flight, when it would have been much more sensible to have stopped and looked for an alternative route. This year of the Metal Ox will be the same if we let it. We will feel as though we are fighting the Universe to get us back on track when actually we should accept that we have lost this particular battle and move on.

The final tarot card is The World. When The World appears we have reached the end of a journey. But we need to accept that we have. Life as we know it has gone but we can build a new life. Why carry on fighting for what we had, for we will miss out on what we could have? The tarot tells us that the only way to enjoy the year ahead is to let the past go, and embrace the new world. We may never achieve what we originally set out to do, but if we are prepared to adapt and change, what we could achieve may be so much better.

What does 2021 the Chinese Year of the Metal Ox have in store for you?

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