Tarot And Astrology

If you are interested in the tarot, the chances are that you are also interested in astrology. Personally, although I was born and brought up in the west and can read my birth chart in detail, I am not a western astrologer and have a much deeper understanding of Chinese astrology as there is a link to Feng Shui which I have worked with for almost twenty years. But I still retain an interest in western astrology and every month will look at how the energy in the universe may affect me and the decisions that I make. Like the tarot, I utilise it as another tool in my box of knowledge to understand what is happening around me, so that I can make informed decisions and choices that will help me navigate life’s path.

Although the tarot and astrology are closely linked, and there is a clear correlation between the tarot cards and the twelve signs of the zodiac, the key difference for me is that whilst the tarot helps us to understand what is happening now, astrology shows us the general themes and patterns that we live with constantly. I went through an incredibly bad patch in the early noughties, both in my personal life and my business life, and a detailed analysis of my astrological birth chart shows that there was no way that I could have avoided this upsetting and difficult period. Where the tarot helps however, is in offering us suggestions as to how we can react and deal with the situations that we find ourselves in. It may be inevitable that we are going to divorce, or lose our job, or our business, BUT, the actions that we take when these unfortunate events occur are in our control. We can choose fight or flight, to wallow in self-pity or pick ourselves up and try again. The destination we arrive at may ultimately be the same, but how we get there, the joy and the pain we encounter on the journey, is down to us.


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