Tarot Reading For Week Commencing 15th February 2021

Tarot Reading

The tarot offers its guidance in many different ways. Sometimes when I turn the tarot cards, they read like a story, each tarot card a chapter that naturally follows the one before. At other times the tarot cards all provide the same message, as though the Universe is frustrated that we are missing the road that we are supposed to follow and shouts at us to listen to what the tarot has to say. Today the tarot wants us to think, to spend time in quiet contemplation, to consider each of the tarot cards on their own and in conjunction with the others, so that we understand the message that the tarot wants to give.

The message from the tarot this week is not obvious, and yet it is vitally important that we understand what it tells us. Change is indicated in the tarot cards, significant change for the reading ends with The Tower, the tarot card that offers us the warning that change will occur whether we want it to or not. Change is a natural part of life, we are not the same today as we were yesterday, we will be different tomorrow than we are today. And yet change for the most part happens so slowly that we do not notice it happening at all. Occasionally though change hits us a full body blow and we are forced to confront it and that is what is happening now. We may not know exactly how life will change but we can prepare for it, mentally and physically, and it is this message that the tarot offers us this week. Resistance is futile, life as we know it will no longer exist. We can accept it and try to prepare for it, or we can continue to travel along the road that we know, wary of what lies around the next corner, expecting the unexpected but hoping that whatever we find does not change our life too much.

The first tarot card drawn today is the Five of Cups. The Five of Cups is the card of grief, it signifies loss, and in this tarot reading it suggests that we are mourning the loss of something dear. But in the tarot the number five represents change, what we have lost will be replaced by something else. We may not want whatever life will bring, or may not think we do, but we have not been left with nothing. We may have lost our job, but we still have our talents, we may have lost our motivation but we still have our dreams. Even if it feels like we have nothing, whilst there is breath in our bodies there is still hope.

The Knight of Wands is the second tarot card drawn and this card feels very different to the one before, because it suggests passion and action. When the Knight of Wands appears it normally suggests that we are grabbing hold of something and driving it forward. It is the “act now, think later” card and does not immediately seem to go with the sense of grief we feel in the Five of Cups. And yet the tarot is suggesting to us that though we may feel as though we are not in control, we can take back some control. We may feel that the Universe is taking whatever we know away from us, that we are like a kite in the wind, but even though we may not be able to dictate what happens to us we can influence it. And we can change the way we feel about it.

Following on from the Knight of Wands, the Empress, the third tarot card drawn again does not immediately seem to fit naturally in to the tarot reading today. The Empress is sitting on her throne, doing nothing but enjoying the beauty of her surroundings. What is she doing in our reading today, for life at the moment does not seem that enjoyable does it? Though perhaps it could be if we accept that it is not necessarily unpleasant, just different.

What the Empress is telling us is that rather than wallow in self-pity, we can make the most of what we have got. If we have lost our job then we have the time to do things that we otherwise couldn’t have done. A walk on the beach, time with our children, the chance to study. None of these activities will put food on the table, but neither will doing nothing but railing against the world for the unfairness of it all. Life is uncertain at the moment, whether we accept it or not. All we can do is change the way we react to it. It is all we have.

The final tarot card is The Tower, the tarot card that tells us life is changing significantly, dramatically. It can be a scary card to receive but change should not be feared unless we fear life itself. We are not in control of what happens to us at the moment, but we can influence it. If we are prepared to change our thoughts and make the most of what we are presented with.