Tarot Reading For Week Commencing 15th March 2021

Tarot Reading

This week life will not turn out as we thought. That isn’t to say that how the week will unfold will be good or bad, better or worse than we expected. Just different.

Have you ever stopped to notice how different the world looks when you are looking at it in the sunshine and the moonlight? In the sunlight the world is in focus, clear, harsh even. We can see the world as it is, directly, it’s beauty and imperfections advertised for us to see. In the moonlight the world has a softer focus, forms take on a vagueness, life is in silhouette and has both a mysterious and mystical quality. Much is hidden from view. This week will be like the transition from darkness to light. As we progress through each day the Universe will reveal a little bit more of what is happening around us, to us, and we will be in for a few surprises.

When we see the Moon as the first tarot card, it often tells us that we do not know all there is to know about a situation. That is very true this week. We may have a firm idea of where we are heading, and what we need to do, but those plans may well be turned on their head as new information is revealed to us. The tarot asks us to adapt, to not be too fixed in our thinking, because as the situation around us changes, so we too need to change.

The Six of Pentacles is the second tarot card drawn this week, the traditional card of giving and receiving. When this tarot card appears in a reading it is not immediately obvious whether we are the recipient of the gifts the Universe is offering, or whether we are the one who is in a position to provide support. For that we always need to look at the other cards in the tarot spread. This week the message from the tarot is that the role we believed we would be in will be reversed. We may go in to a situation thinking we were the ones who needed to provide support and yet find ourselves as the ones receiving it. It could be that in a conflict we felt we had the upper hand, that right was on our side, and yet we were wrong. Because we didn’t know all there was to know.

The King of Swords, the third tarot card drawn, appears at moments of great clarity, insight and wisdom. In this tarot reading he asks us to be open to the information that is being revealed. If we open our eyes to what is happening then we will be able to deal with it. The King of Swords is firm and strong in the decisions that he makes, the actions that he takes, but firm is not the same as fixed. It takes a wise person to accept that they were wrong and change their mind. Only a fool would continue to walk down a road once they have discovered that it leads them nowhere. If what is revealed this week means that we need to change what we are doing, how we are approaching a situation, then we should not be afraid to act. Even if it means that we have to admit that we were wrong.

The final tarot card is the Queen of Cups. It is no accident that the Queen is the only tarot card in the suit of cups where the lid of the cup is closed, the contents hidden, the emotions and thoughts trapped inside. Like Pandora’s box, once the lid is opened it cannot be closed, what we learn this week cannot be unlearned, what we discover cannot stay undiscovered. The tarot cannot tell us whether what we find out this week will be good or bad but it can offer us guidance as to how we deal with it. And the tarot asks us to use that new knowledge to inform our decisions going forward rather than relying on what we knew before to influence our now. For we do not want to have to accept further down the path, that when we discovered that we were heading nowhere we ignored the opportunity to retrace our steps.


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Please remember that I do not use the tarot as a divination tool, I cannot predict the future for the future is in your own hands.


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