Tarot Reading For Week Commencing 1st March 2021

Tarot Reading

After the trials and tribulations of the last few weeks, it is a relief to see the Sun appear as the first tarot card this week. When the Sun appears as the first tarot card drawn in a weekly tarot reading it signifies that we can approach the week with joy and optimism. That is not to say that everything we touch will work out how we want it to, but we can certainly find more positives than negatives in the days ahead.

It is important to have a positive mindset because so often in life we attract what we feel. If we feel sad and melancholy then we will find disappointment in every situation. If on the other hand we approach life assuming that what we do will work out well, then we will find that things have a habit of working out for us. The Sun reminds us to find that silver lining in every cloud, to take pleasure in even the simplest of things. A walk with a friend, a nice meal, the smells of spring. The cycle of life constantly turns and the difficulties of the last few weeks are slowly disappearing to be replaced by easier times. And the Universe is urging us to take notice.

The second tarot card is the Page of Wands, a card that reminds us that spring is around the corner. Just as spring brings growth, then this week will provide us with the opportunity to begin something new. There is a stillness though with the Page of Wands that reminds us that we cannot run before we can walk. If we are to achieve success in whatever it is we decide to do, then we need to think carefully how we are going to take it forward. We must remember that it is the opportunity that we are being given, not the achievement. There is work ahead of us, hard work, but if it is truly what we want then we will not mind that. A gardener once told me that the pleasure of a garden is not found in the beauty but in the creation.

The Two of Swords suggests that we have a decision to make, and in the context of this tarot spread it asks us to think carefully about how we can take forward the opportunity that has been presented to us. We cannot know how it will unfold, we cannot see what the future has in store, but we can influence it. The tarot is suggesting that we do not grab at what is easiest and run with it for that way we risk missing out on the pleasure of the work. Rather we need to think through the various options we can take to move forward, and choose the one that appears to provide us with the most pleasure before we start.

Many years ago when I was a child, my father used to leave home at just after 7 to drive to the city where he worked. The journey to work took him 45 minutes and yet on the return he used to leave work at 5 and was always home by 5.30. I once asked him why driving to work took him longer than driving home and he told me that on his way to work he took the scenic route through the countryside because it made him feel happier and more prepared for the hard day ahead. The Two of Swords tells us we have that type of choice now. What lies ahead is better than what has gone before, but we will only receive the true value of what we are being presented with if we approach it positively, and discard the baggage that the last few weeks have left us.

The final tarot card is Death, the transition card. We are moving from a period that has caused us heartache and stress to a better time. Yet we will only benefit from that if we realise the gift the Universe is presenting us with, and make the most of it. If we do not change our mindset then nothing really will change and we will only have ourselves to blame.

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