Tarot Reading for Week Commencing 22nd February 2021

Tarot Reading

Worry, fear and heartache are highlighted in the tarot cards this week. This is hardly surprising given that we are living through uncertain times. It is natural to feel uneasy and anxious at how the days and weeks ahead will evolve, but, and this is important to remember, nothing lasts for ever. These times will pass and though we cannot know now what will happen in the future, we can shape and influence events, adapt to the changes, and make the most of what occurs.

When the Four of Pentacles appears it often suggests that we are guarding or keeping material possessions close. In this tarot reading it tells us that in an uncertain world we are trying to keep hold of what we know, because it feels familiar. We may not be able to see our family but we can speak to them over video calls, we may not need to travel to work but we get up at the same time as we always did and follow the same routine. We may not be able to go for drinks with friends but we meet up and have a socially distanced coffee from a takeaway. As restrictions ease it is important that we keep doing what is normal to us, because so much at the moment does not feel normal. And that can cause us stress

The Moon highlights that which is unseen. When the Moon appears in a reading it suggests that there are some events that are hidden from us. We may not be able to make sense of what is happening but we can learn to live with it. The tarot asks us to be at peace with ourselves, we should not try and do that which we cannot do. It is bad enough at the moment if we are unable to see our loved ones without putting on a cloak of guilt that will weigh heavy on our shoulders. Learn to live within the boundaries that we should and try and accept them as necessary at this time.

The Nine of Swords reinforces our helplessness. It is one of the simplest images in the tarot deck. How often do problems keep us awake at night because we cannot do anything about them? We can worry about a friend or a family member but we cannot phone them in the early hours of the morning. We can feel anxious about our job or our business but no solution can be acted upon until the working day starts. We cannot control events, and yet we are consuming ourselves with what ifs and trying to guess what will happen. The tarot asks us to keep hold of what we can and let the rest go. There is no point in worrying about that which we have no influence over.

The final tarot card is the Three of Swords. It suggests heartache, the loss of something dear, but the tarot does not predict, it guides. In this tarot reading it suggests that our attempts to control events will fail because we cannot go to war with the Universe and think we can win. All the tarot asks us to do this week is go with the flow. We may feel that this will never end but it will. Think of this time as though we have been tossed in to a fast-flowing river. As long as we can grab on to something that we can hold on to, then however bad things get we will eventually come to a stop somewhere. It may not be where we wanted to be, and we could well be battered and bruised, but we will have survived. And at this moment in time it is all we can do.

The Four of Pentacles asks us to keep hold of what we can

The Moon tells us that what is happening we cannot begin to understand

The Nine of Swords urges us not to worry over that which we cannot solve

The Three of Swords suggests heartache, but we will survive.

Tarot Reading 22nd February