Tarot Reading For Week Commencing 22nd March 2021

Tarot Reading

This week we have much to be thankful for, but do we realise that? When the Queen of Swords appears in a reading, as she does this week, she can signify that we are looking at a situation from only one perspective. We are fixed in our view, and I sense, from the other cards in the tarot spread that this is a negative emotion. We are seeing the fault and the problem rather than the potential and the solution.

In life we often get what we manifest. Not always because the Universe sometimes has other plans for us, other lessons that we need to learn. But mostly we get what we deserve. If we look at a situation through negative eyes then we feel miserable, if we find the silver lining then we feel happier. This week, with the appearance of the Empress as the second card, the tarot asks us to reflect on what we have, or what we could have if we change our thoughts. There is so much beauty and abundance around us and yet we cannot see it if we only open our eyes, we have to open our minds as well.

The third tarot card drawn this week is the Eight of Cups. The Eight of Cups asks us to pack all the negative emotions that we are carrying and leave them behind us. We may not have what we want at this moment in time, we may have lost what we had, we may not be able to go and do what we wanted to do, but what are we achieving by dwelling on that? Nothing except unhappiness and misery. We should focus not on what we don’t have but what we do, not on what we have lost but on what we have gained, if we cannot do what we wanted to do then we can do something else Because self-pity is no friend although it sometimes feels like the only one we have.

It is not easy to see the positive when it feels like life is kicking us in the teeth and so the tarot suggests, through the Four of Swords, that we need to take some time out from the treadmill that we have got ourselves on. I have a favourite place here in Jersey, just a few minutes drive from where I live where I always go to recharge my energy if I feel that I am dwelling too much on the negatives of life as opposed to the positives. As I sit on the cliffs looking out over the sea I cannot help but feel uplifted, energised and happy. Your special place may be at home where you can light a candle or some incense and just sit quietly. It is important this week that we all take the time to refocus our thoughts and change our mindset. Because life is not only what we make it but a wonderful gift. And hope makes a much better friend than pity.

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