Tarot Reading For Week Commencing 8th March 2021

Tarot Reading

The tarot has provided us with a powerful reading this week, for three of the four tarot cards drawn are from the major arcana. The cards of the major arcana signify important events, they appear at moments in our life when the Universe wants us to sit up and take notice. They may appear when we are being asked to change our focus or direction, or when a momentous event is occurring such as a wedding, a birth or a new job. The cards of the minor arcana on the other hand, those tarot cards that form the four suits, deal in comparison with the mundane events of everyday life, the small decisions and actions that we take on a daily basis and that move our life forward. I spent many years in the corporate world and from a corporate perspective the major arcana would be the strategic vision of a company and the minor arcana the operational tasks that everyone in the company completes to meet the business goals. My reference to corporate business may seem irrelevant, but we can all learn from the approach that businesses take when setting goals and actions in our own life. My book The Life Goals Workshop which has been adapted from the Life Goals workshops that I run talks through a ten-step approach to attracting what you desire to your life by combining the power of Feng Shui with personal goal setting.

It is not surprising that the tarot has offered three major arcana cards this week, for we are at a pivotal moment in the global pandemic that has afflicted the whole world for the past year. It seems to me that we could well be over the worse, that brighter days lie ahead, but that they are dependent on what we all do now. This is accentuated by the appearance of the Hermit as the first tarot card drawn this week. The Hermit often appears at moments when we would benefit from taking some time out from our day to day life to consider what we should do next. As the world has changed and is now almost unrecognisable from how it was before, it is in this tarot spread to remind us to stop and ask ourselves these questions; what do we want our life to look like going forward and, how do we see our place in this new world?

We are never the same one day to another, we change constantly as does the world around us, but the changes are so minute that we do not notice them most of the time. The last 12 months has been different though, the world has changed significantly and yet the tarot is asking us if we have changed with it. We have an opportunity to change direction, change our focus and we are being asked if we want to do that and if so how. We cannot see in to the future, we do not know what lies far ahead, but we can consider what the next part of our journey looks like, and if we want it to be the same as where we have been, or different. Not just different because the world around us has changed and we have adapted, but different in ways that we have controlled.

The second tarot card drawn is the Emperor, on the face of it an unusual card to appear at a time of such upheaval in the world, for the Emperor represents structure, stability and tradition. Those structures that we know, that we have lived with for so long, are now disappearing, the world is changing and we are faced with a new world. If we look for stability in our life we will not find it now.  Yet the Emperor of the tarot has great wisdom and an important message for us to hear. Because he tells us that we can build a new future for ourselves by using the knowledge and experience we have acquired in our past.

It has taken us all our life to get to where we are now. If we want a new ‘us’, if we want to completely change our life it is not going to take us another lifetime to get to where we want to be. For we have already gained so much knowledge about ourselves and the world around us. If a builder takes three years to build one house, it may only take them a year to build a second because they have learned what needs to be done and the task although the same becomes easier. If an entrepreneur takes six years to create one company it may take her only 18 months to create another because she has a plan and a structure to follow that she knows will work. If the Hermit asks us to consider if what we want to do next is completely different to that which has gone before, the Emperor tells us to use the knowledge that we have gained through our life to help us achieve it.

And so we come to the third tarot card from the major arcana, the Devil. The Devil is here to play ‘Devil’s Advocate’ and to whisper doubts in to our ear: “isn’t it better to stay the same?” “why do you want to change?” “what if it doesn’t work out” “there is nothing wrong with your life now” “you have taken all that time to get here, why would you risk throwing it all away”. They are important messages to hear, essential for us to consider, for if we do not face those questions now and test our resolve to identify if we are prepared to make changes then we will fail. Nobody has swum the channel without letting go of the shore. We may ultimately decide to stay as we were and adapt rather than change completely and there is nothing wrong with that at all. For the message from the tarot this week is not telling us to change but asking us to ask ourselves if we want to. If we do then we can be confident that we have the ability and the knowledge to do so, if we don’t then we will have carefully considered what the future holds and have decided that we would rather adapt to a changing world than change our own.

With such powerful cards as the first three tarot cards, it is easy to overlook the final tarot card, the Six of Pentacles. The Six of Pentacles is the card of the tarot that represents giving and receiving. As life changes so does our fortune; sometimes we need help and support from others, and at other times we are the ones who are in a position to offer that support. As the final tarot card in this week’s reading the Six of Pentacles has a very simple message; what we get out of life will be the same as what we put in.


I have been asked many times over the last few months if I do distance readings and have always said no. My work with the tarot is as a coach rather than a reader and I have always worked with people on a face to face basis. However a long conversation that I had with someone this week made me revisit that approach and so I am now offering you the chance to receive the tarot’s guidance to a question that you may have by email. If you would like to receive the tarot’s guidance in a similar format to my weekly tarot reading above you can order it here.

Please remember that I do not use the tarot as a divination tool, I cannot predict the future for the future is in your own hands.