Tarot Reading Week Commencing 1st February 2021

Tarot Reading

The tarot reading for this week is filled with abundance, but all is not as it seems and the tarot holds a warning for all those prepared to listen. The tarot guides, it never tells, and it is down to each of us to decide whether or not we want to take the advice that is offered. To ignore what the tarot says does not lead to our destruction, nor will acceptance lead us to salvation. What is meant to be will be, but I feel the journey is better when we move forward with understanding, and the tarot provides us with wise words this week that will help us on our way.

The first tarot card drawn is The Magician. Today, The Magician tells us that we have all the tools; the skills, knowledge and experience that we need to succeed at what we want to do. But having the tools and using them in the way that will bring benefit are two completely different things. It is not enough to hold them in our hands, we have to use them, and use them wisely.

Do we know what we want though? For until we do it is better to put them down and save them for another day. There is an old English folktale about a Woodman who was granted three wishes in return for not felling a tree. He wasted his wishes through carelessness, and the tarot suggests that we may be in danger of doing the same. This week is filled with abundance, the Universe is working with us and we can use our talents in whatever way we want. But the second card drawn, The Empress, suggests we need to be careful in what we do.

When we hear the word abundance we immediately think of wealth and prosperity, but to live an abundant life is to live one filled with joy, happiness and health. Money can help us achieve this but it cannot provide it. We can use our talents to get rich and we can use our talents to achieve happiness. The Empress asks us to consider whether, for ourselves, our family and our friends, wealth and happiness is one and the same.

The third tarot card drawn is the Ten of Pentacles, another card filled with abundance and the tarot card that I call the “generational card”. It is the card that signifies the end of our journey. In this tarot reading it is taking us forward to the end point of our life and asking us to ask ourselves a question. Do we want to be remembered for what we had, or for the contribution that we made?

It seems a harsh message to be given when the tarot cards are so favourable, but it is one we need to hear. For we could very easily make a mistake. The final tarot card drawn is the Queen of Cups, the card that tells us that all is not as it seems. What we think we want and what we actually want could very well be two quite different desires. We have the skills, the knowledge, the experience, the talent, and, more importantly the Universe on our side this week to have our wish granted. But before we achieve the abundant life we have dreamed of we need to make sure we know exactly what it is we truly want.

The Magician tells us that we have the talent that we need to succeed

The Empress asks us to consider what it is that we truly want

The Ten of Pentacles asks us how we want to be remembered

The Queen of Cups suggests that what we think we desire, and what we actually desire, may not be one and the same