Tarot Reading Week Commencing 8th February 2021

Tarot Reading

Decisions are highlighted in the tarot cards this week, or more specifically one that we are wrestling with. The tarot cards hint at new beginnings, transition, a fresh start, but we are hesitating, unsure what to do. We think we have made the decision, are certain that the way ahead is clear, only for another thought to strike us and send us scurrying back to the plans that we are constructing in our head.

We are paralyzed this week by indecision, and the tarot tells us that this is OK. We live in uncertain times where all reference points that we have turned to for clarity before have been scattered by the wind. Or more pertinently by a virus that is constantly mutating. It will pass, nothing, not even a potent virus lasts for ever. But life as we know it will never be the same again, and nor should it be, for to stay still is to stand still. Life is for living, we should not allow it to pass us by.

What is the decision that we are trying to make? It could be that we have lost our job and are looking for a new one; but cannot decide whether to do what we have always done or try something new. It could be that we are questioning the relationship we have with our partner, or our children; lockdown has meant that we have adapted the roles that we play and we do not know whether we want to continue as we are or change back to how we were. Maybe our finances are tight and we cannot decide between using our savings to live as usual, or tighten our belts and keep our savings for another rainy day. It could be any one of a thousand decisions but it is important, it is keeping us awake and we cannot decide what we need to do.

The tarot guides us to rest this week. To take some time out and take the pressure off ourselves. The decision is not going to go away, and nor should it for it needs to be made. But as the virus mutates so does life around us and what is happening at the start of the week will have changed by the end. Making the right decision now may turn out to be the wrong decision in the very near future. Wait until life is clearer, and then the right decision will reveal itself.